Our Ski Resort’s History:


Construction of the ski-lift Himbeergoll (Dorflift) by tourism association Obertilliach under chairman Josef Weiler, start of the skiing and winter tourism on December 20, 1960.


Construction of the ski-lift Stubenlift (Dorflifte) by Obertilliacher Schilift GmbH, acquisition of the first snow groomer branded Prinoth.


Construction and start-up of the ski-lifts Glamp and Bloas, development of Glampwiesen due to the new forest road and construction of the valley run via Platuma to the village ski-lifts.


Construction and start-up of Golzentipp chairlift reaching the ski-lifts Glampwiesen and Bloaswiesen featuring a capacity of 290 persons/hour


Development of the forest aisle Gontscheid for valley run Rals


Construction of the ski trail from Rals to the lower station of the double chairlift (DSB).


Modernization of the old chairlift by Doppelmayr DSB of Kronplatz AG in Brunico – capacity of 900 persons/hour

1992 – 2000

A decade of winters characterized by poor or even no snow resulting in massive setbacks due to sales collapses up to 60%. Huge annual losses needed to be mastered. Investments in artificial snow production were made in order to compensate the lack of snow. Despite the respectable recapitalization of the shareholders and the acquisition of new shareholders for the investments the liabilities increased and the Obertilliacher Bergbahnen GmbH ended in a financially suffering and desperate condition.

Hanging-on had been the slogan in Obertilliach

Start-up of the 7,5 km long toboggan run from DSB upper station to the lower station with toboggan rental at the upper station.


Finally in early winter low temperatures to use the artificial snow technique, winter featuring natural snow, sales grow to a standard, the consolidation of the businesses is in consistent growth bringing optimism and confidence.


Elaboration of a master plan for the upcoming 15 years in cooperation with the regional sports department, the tourism association and experts and beginning of the negotiations and activities in the technical and financial sector after agreement about the sequence of the single stages of construction.


Construction of the car park for the ski-lifts Himbeergoll with access from main road B111.


Construction of the infrastructure building housing the cable car, the ski school, the depot, sanitary facilities, ski depots, the garage for the snow groomer and the building shell for the “Schikinderstadel”. This investment in special child and family friendly structures was very successful.


Construction of the water reservoir Golzentipp in an altitude of 2150 m with a capacity of 66.000 m3, enough for full snow covering. Filled up in May by summer current, the water serves snow guns located at the forest line and below by gravity, which results in high savings of rare and precious winter current. Snow can be guaranteed this way – “given that there are temperatures below zero – natural winter cold!!”


Second valley run (ski run Rals-Bergen with ski trail to lower station DSB) equipped with artificial snow gears. Our 5 slopes are provided with pretty much ski run surface (60 ha) including two valley runs.


Reconstruction of the single cable car Golzentipp by company Leitner (replacement of the old DSB)


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